Sarasota woman Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video on Reddit

A disturbing case of animal cruelty was brought to light in August 2022 after a Sarasota woman shared graphic videos on Reddit of herself and her father trapping a raccoon in a dumpster, dousing it with gasoline, and setting the helpless creature ablaze all while laughing at the animal’s tortured demise. The chilling footage immediately went viral, igniting public outrage and calls for serious consequences. Soon after, 30-year-old Alicia Kincheloe was arrested on aggravated felony animal abuse and evidence tampering charges for her role filming the gruesome incident involving the raccoon. Despite claiming ignorance during her trial for the Sarasota woman Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video on Reddit  , Kincheloe now faces years in prison after a jury convicted her of the crimes. The shocking case prompted renewed debates around bolstering legal protections for animals and preventing such blatant brutality from being casually posted online. Following !

Sarasota woman Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video on Reddit
Sarasota woman Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video on Reddit

Sarasota Woman Posts Raccoon Dumpster Fire Videos on Reddit

In August 2022, Alicia Kincheloe filmed a series of videos that showed a raccoon trapped inside a dumpster behind a Sarasota restaurant. The initial video depicts the raccoon sitting inside the dumpster not displaying any aggressive behavior. However, Kincheloe can be heard accusing the animal of potentially having rabies.

In a second video, Kincheloe is shown with her father Roddy pouring gasoline on the trapped raccoon and setting it on fire, laughing while the animal burns. After the incident, Kincheloe posted the disturbing videos on social media platforms including Reddit. The footage quickly went viral, sparking public outrage regarding the cruel treatment of the raccoon.

Authorities soon identified Kincheloe as the woman in the videos. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested both Kincheloe and her father for aggravated animal cruelty charges in August 2022. Kincheloe also faced an additional charge for tampering with evidence after she was caught on camera removing the raccoon’s charred remains from the dumpster in an attempt to conceal her actions.

Facing intense scrutiny over the raccoon’s horrific death, Kincheloe claimed in court that she was unaware the can used to douse the animal contained gasoline at the time. However, in October 2022 a jury convicted Kincheloe on both the animal cruelty and tampering charges after reviewing the shocking footage she filmed. Her sentencing is pending, while father Roddy Kincheloe still awaits his trial date. The cruel incident has renewed calls for stronger legal protections for animals against abuse.

Details of Sarasota Raccoon Dumpster Fire Incident

The disturbing raccoon dumpster fire incident occurred behind a restaurant located on Sarah Avenue in Sarasota, Florida on August 11, 2022. Surveillance footage from the area captured Alicia Kincheloe first filming a video of a raccoon trapped inside the dumpster. In the video, the raccoon can be seen sitting calmly inside the dumpster showing no signs of aggression. However, Kincheloe accuses the animal of potentially having rabies.

Kincheloe’s father Roddy is then shown entering the frame. Together, the pair begin violently attacking the defenseless raccoon using objects found nearby. Kincheloe douses the raccoon with gasoline as her father continues stabbing it with a pitchfork. Tragically, Kincheloe then sets fire to the injured animal, incinerating it alive.

Laughing callously during the horrific incident, Kincheloe documents the attack and shares footage of the raccoon’s charred corpse online after the fact. Still images from the videos clearly show the raccoon’s remains inside the dumpster once the fire had extinguished.

Seeking to destroy evidence of her crime after the videos went viral, Kincheloe later returned to the restaurant and removed the dead raccoon’s body from the dumpster. However, her attempt to conceal her actions was unsuccessful. The disturbing footage brought swift outcry on social media and demands for the perpetrators to face legal consequences over the needless suffering caused to the animal.

Arrests After Outcry Over Viral Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video

The shocking raccoon dumpster fire video uploaded by 30-year-old Alicia Kincheloe immediately went viral online, sparking intense public criticism over the heinous animal abuse depicted. Due to the massive exposure from the Reddit posting, Kincheloe was swiftly identified as the perpetrator laughing while setting fire to the trapped raccoon.

On August 11th, 2022, just days after the incident, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office took Kincheloe into custody. She was arrested on several charges including aggravated animal cruelty and tampering with evidence. The latter charge stemmed from security footage that captured Kincheloe removing the raccoon’s charred corpse from the dumpster in an attempt to conceal her crime. If convicted, she faces up to 5 years in prison for each offense under Florida law.

Kincheloe’s father 63-year-old Roddy Kincheloe was also arrested in relation to the viral dumpster fire video which showed him assisting in carrying out the attack. The elder Kincheloe was charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty over his alleged actions stabbing the defenseless raccoon.

Both individuals initially pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them associated with the raccoon’s horrific death. While Alicia Kincheloe has since been convicted by a jury, her father Roddy still awaits his day in court. The cruel incident demonstrated the rapid real-world consequences that can occur when illegal acts are brazenly shared online.

Woman Convicted Over Viral Raccoon Dumpster Fire Video

Despite the clear video evidence documenting her actions, Alicia Kincheloe pled ignorance when her case went to trial in October 2022. Facing five years imprisonment on each count, Kincheloe testified that she was unaware the can used to douse the raccoon actually contained gasoline. She maintained that she believed it was filled with water at the time of the attack.

However, Kincheloe’s claims failed to convince the jury after they reviewed the graphic footage she filmed showing herself and her father brutally harming the raccoon trapped inside the dumpster. Her gleeful laughter while setting the defenseless animal ablaze called her credibility into question.

Ultimately, the jury convicted Kincheloe on both the aggravated felony animal cruelty charge as well as the tampering with evidence charge. The latter related to her attempt to dispose of the dead raccoon’s body in order to conceal her actions after the fact.

While Kincheloe awaits her sentencing hearing which could entail years in state prison, the viral dumpster fire case also renewed scrutiny around the lenient penalties often issued in cases of blatant animal abuse. Kincheloe’s father Roddy still faces an upcoming trial just on the animal cruelty offense for his role in the raccoon’s disturbing death. The incident highlighted how social media can rapidly expedite accountability even for heinous acts initially meant to be anonymous.

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